Watch Repairs

In-House Watch Repair

IJC offers a full-service interface of highly technical watch repairs. The turnaround time for an in-house repair is normally within a week, while a more complicated internal or technical repair can take three weeks or longer.

The scope of watch repair at IJC is uniquely wide. We are fully capable of handling entry-level model repairs (includes brands such as a Seiko or Citizen) to high quality repair services on elite Swiss timepieces (Rolex, Piaget, etc.). If we can’t make a repair in-house, we will assign the service work to the best source and the most suited specialist. At IJC, we are proud of the many quality relationships we have formed with watchmakers who specialize in various brands. Not only do we guarantee the best source for your repair—an expert that will perform the necessary work superbly—but also a minimum of one year warranty, all at a fair price.

Watch Band Adjustment

A watch band adjustment is one of the most basic things we do at IJC. We are able to size and adjust on-site, from the simplest bands to the most complex. A vast majority of our band adjustment services can be done while you wait!

Watch Batteries

We offer a large selection of in-stock batteries for your unique timepiece—both standard and lithium cells. This category can extend also into remote car starters, key fobs, etc.

When we change a watch battery, we can also clean the case per your request. Our service includes inspecting the gaskets for a proper seal (replacing them as necessary) and using a watch-grade silicone that restores a factory level of water-resistance.