Engraving and Inscription

The overall goal for engraving a jewelry piece is personalization. This all comes back to you, your story, the fun you can have telling it, it's why we even exist! Jewelry is meant to be celebrated, those special moments commemorated…And at IJC, we can help you do that.

When it comes to the engraving process, we use computer-controlled diamond scribe engraving which allows for infinite fonts. Even the recreation of individual signatures, fingerprints and drawings are possible!

Whether it’s a simple engraving or a custom-designed piece, engraving is just one more way for us to connect the dots for our clients. It allows us to create a one-of-a-kind piece or make a piece from one of our valued collections more personal for you. At IJC, we care about doing this for our clients and want to make sure you know we have this spectacular offering. Want to know more? Just ask us!