Jewelry Repair


A jewelry repair is limited only by the skill sets of the goldsmiths performing those repairs. The experience we offer at IJC is a combined 95 years of goldsmith experience! This wealth of knowledge allows us to diagnose and recommend a course of action that is best suited for a client and their individual repair needs.

While the abilities of our highly skilled goldsmiths enable us to execute quality repairs, the repairs also come guaranteed for up to one year. Not only that, we are able to give ethical, practical and appropriate repair advice. At IJC, our initial evaluation includes giving the job to the goldsmith best suited for each repair. We also include a second inspection on the work being performed to ensure it is up to Impress’ standards.


Each repair at IJC is also performed under high magnification. The major benefit of this approach is a high level of precision that’s not achievable using a traditional magnifier that requires less investment. We do things at a level that is both highly visible and precise, allowing us to be methodical and detailed in our repair process.

Our team of four highly qualified goldsmiths brings very diverse backgrounds and approaches to our studio, whether we are facing a basic or a complex jewelry repair. Our team also isn’t paid based on commission. Because of that, we are totally client focused.

When it comes to tools, we employ a wide array, from traditional approaches to the latest in laser welding technology. This diversity allows us to make precise, high-quality jewelry repairs. We employ strict quality control standards that includes accurately matching metal alloys, ensuring a piece isn’t just structurally sound but beautiful to the eye.


For heat-sensitive jewelry repairs, IJC has invested in the latest pulse welding technology, which allows for critical placement and temperature control for a wide variety of metals. This allows us to repair things that were otherwise impossible with traditional torch methods, thus benefiting our clients and their precious jewelry. Laser welding technology allows us to work next to heat-sensitive stones on a piece of jewelry. This is a cost savings method. Stones that do not have to be removed or re-set (especially important with a fragile or otherwise delicate gemstones) saves time and thus translates to money saved by the client.