Because of the background depth of our staff, we are highly skilled and qualified in the appraisal of diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry and watches. If you are looking for an appraisal for any of the following reasons, you have come to the right place.

• Insurance

• Liquidation

• Estate

We pride ourselves on the variety of services we offer and an appraisal is just one area that can highly benefit our clients. Why? We not only provide realistic appraisal values, we ensure our clients are fully educated on the details and process.

At IJC, we use the appropriate tools, knowledge and experience to provide an appraisal that represents the item’s current market value. Should someone experience a catastrophic loss or damage, this can be used to replace the item. Appraisals not only protect your investments, they help to prepare an item for sale or liquidation. Our 150 years of combined experience lends itself to honesty, integrity and accuracy.



Appraisals are especially important for insurance as they allow a client to obtain specific scheduled insurance on their jewelry pieces. We take great care to ensure a client’s piece is carefully appraised, detailed and documented so it can be replaced should they experience loss or damage. Our default method is to provide realistic replacement costs by accurately determining current market value, which saves our clients money in that they don’t carry insurance valuations in excess of what the item is worth and, as a result, become unrealized in a case of catastrophic loss. We like to have conversations with our clients in order to provide that type of education.


Fair Market Value (FMV) is applied to an item when it is being sold by one individual to another in a private transaction. FMV is defined as a willing buyer and seller and time to negotiate a price. In this type of selling environment there are some risks involved regarding personal safety and privacy. Additionally you may not be afforded the opportunity to carefully vet the item before completing the transaction. This type of evaluation heavily takes into account the condition of the item. We at IJC can counsel you on what you might receive for an item sold in this manner.


Appraisals can also be needed when assets are being liquidated, as in the case of divorce or death. These appraisals are based on current market values and can yield the lowest returns. In some cases the item may only command a value representative of the precious metal content. In other instances, items may be valued higher but are still fractional of either insurance or fair market type valuations.


IJC uses quality microscopes and other equipment to determine the identification of a gem. Because of this, we are able to value your gemstone with precision and the confidence only a team of our caliber can provide. Trust that your gemstones will be in good hands. Whether it’s a diamond or another precious gem, we are happy to provide these services. We pride ourselves on providing the information our clients need so they can make the best and most informed decision when it comes to their prized family heirlooms and treasured pieces.