Stone Settings

Attention to details

Stone setting is a critical skill set for goldsmiths. It’s a well-known fact that stones come in all shapes and sizes—from the incredibly durable to the extremely fragile. Whether it’s the world’s most expensive stone or your great-grandmother’s amethyst, our goldsmiths—backed by approximately 95 years of combined experience—recognize the sentimentality of a diamond or gemstone and are able to apply the focus, dedication and talents needed to expertly place and set your treasured stones.

IJC is also very particular about prongs. Did you know that prongs are not always appropriately or correctly fashioned? And when they aren’t, they are not only prone to breakage but snag on hair and sweaters. We take the care and time needed to ensure our prongs are snagless and that they beautifully conform to the shape of the stone and result in a smooth transition from the stone to the prong. And while many goldsmiths don’t pay attention to things like the specific geometric pattern of the stone when setting it, at IJC we do! We pay attention to facet alignment and other fine details, too.