Tanya Weber


After receiving an initial 3-year training in jewelry making at St. Petersburg, Russia ( then Leningrad, USSR), Tanya continued learning at MATC (Milwaukee, WI), and GIA.
First Goldsmith job was in the mall where she learned to work under pressure with shoppers observing all the magic. After that, Tanya worked at beautiful high-end Jewelry stores, Treiber & Straub of Brookfield, WI, and Schwanke-Kasten of Whitefish Bay, WI, gaining another 33 years of bench experience. Parallel to that, she was also running an independent repair service, catering to 5 Jewelry stores. 
As a recent South Bender, Tanya loves working at Impress! The state-of-the-art equipment and an amazing creative team is a winning combination!