Jewelry Education

Balancing Quality with Value

At IJC, we specialize in sourcing the highest level natural, untreated gemstones as an option for clients. However, we are also value-minded and actively partner with designers and vendors that are sensitive to this, offering a variety of gemstones.

One our main vendors, Spark Creations, is a preeminent source of gems. In the USA, Spark Creations is the absolute best source for AAA grade, top gem quality, colored gemstones.

Treated for Enhanced Color

A vast majority of colored gems are “treated” through a process that involves heating (primary method) or radiation to bring out the color of the rough gem found within the ground. Ninety-five percent routinely require heat treating. Tanzanite, as an example, comes out of the ground in colors that range from ever so slightly purple to white. Only through the heating process does the chemical structure of that stone change and the stone’s color becomes much more intense.

In essence, this “cleaning” process of the rough material taken from the earth is enhanced by man in order to bring that material to it’s full potential. This happens in nature so rarely that untreated, top gem quality stones can be museum grade.

Our Partners Start With Quality

The majority of what our valued partners like Simon G., Spark Creations, Kattan or Parade have to offer are rough gemstones that are at a very high level of quality to begin with and are only slightly enhanced in the final stage of processing. In other words, only a little bit of work is needed due to the gem’s natural grading. We can bring full beauty to our boutique because our vendor partners work with gems that have a much higher quality to begin with.

Other qualities of gems can only be brought to a certain level or potential. This is the difference between average and below average gems. Only a certain level of treatment is needed with high quality gemstones. When purchasing gems, it is important to keep in mind that gems only have so much potential. Quality isn’t related to the process. It begins with what you source straight from nature.

When it comes to pricing, cost is directly attributed to this potential. At IJC, we are always looking for the best cut and clarity for the price for our clients.