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Custom Engagement Rings

Our engagement rings are one of the most beautiful ways you could speak to your loved one’s heart.

Want Something Unique?

Custom Engagement Rings Make Any Dream Possible

Whether it’s a customizable piece from our world renowned brand partners or a fully custom piece, show them how much they mean to you by choosing IJC. At IJC, the relationships we have with our brand partners is something you won’t find anywhere else. While even the smallest of your specific wants may be a hassle at other jewelers, we embrace them at IJC. Why? Because we care about your dreams. Because we know that in the world of jewelry, any dream is possible. And because we know that, we want to help make your dream your reality.

A Simple Process

Deciding which engagement ring is best for you is the one of the most important steps in the beautiful beginning of this collaboration. While it may seem complicated, we have the process more than simplified at IJC. It’s what we do best, and we will be there to help you experience how fun it can be! Your wedding details may cause you stress but your engagement and wedding ring never should.

Full Custom Jewelry

Maybe you want a fully custom ring. This is an easy process, too! Because we know your time is precious, our organized and dedicated approach provides you with all the information you need, and our easy, comfortable and informed process lends itself to a piece that isn’t only exactly what you want but a piece no one else can have. 

Like the person you fell in love with

your love is one-of-a-kind.

Why not make your engagement just as unique and extraordinary?

Let Us Show You HOW!