Firestar Diamond


At Impress Jewelry Creations, we desire to partner with high quality companies, that bring outstanding jewelry products to our area. One such company is Firestar Diamond. This company's passion is to make life's important moments even more sparkling and precious. Their focus is to bring creative and symbolic designs to fine jewelry crafted in precious metal and set with superior quality diamonds.

Firestar Diamonds is noted for their exceptional diamonds in both white and fancy colors. That includes extremely rare diamonds “accessible only to a select few customers”. The sizes of these unique stones typically start at 3 carats, and go up to 20 carats plus.

Excellence is a hallmark in all their designs and creations. One of their brands NIRAV MODI, launched in 2010, is a brand built on quality, innovation, and craftsmanship. Firestar has successfully established a significant global presence in the diamond and jewelry industry. They are the sole distributor in India, for Argyle Pink Diamonds, which are some of the world's rarest gems.

Our affiliation with this company now makes their unique selection of fine “one of a kind” gems available to our customers. Please join us for a unique shopping experience.