What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

If you are attracted to antique pieces of jewelry, you have probably heard about old mine-cut diamonds at some point. Not only do they encompass history and elegance, but old mine-cut diamonds are unique and one of a kind. For those that are on the hunt for a vintage engagement ring, these diamonds are perfect for you. 

What shape are old mine-cut diamonds?

Old mine cut diamonds are easy to spot for a variety of reasons but one of the first things that you will notice when you first see one is its shape. These diamonds are an almost entirely square shape and they have 58 facets, making them extremely shiny. The table of the old mine-cut diamond is small and it has a larger culet and higher crown than traditional diamonds. The old mine-cut diamond has a very unique shape and can be easily spotted by diamond experts. 

What makes each old-mine cut diamond unique?

Old-mine-cut diamonds are each different because they were all cut and polished by hand. Because of this, each diamond is asymmetrical and there are no two diamonds that are the same. This feature is specifically attractive to people who are looking for diamonds that hold their own history and personality. Most diamonds that are found in jewelry stores now are cut to similar standards and tend to look similar to each other, which is why old-mine-cut diamonds are so special. 

I want an old mine-cut diamond….How can I find one? 

A lot of people are lucky enough to have old mine-cut diamonds passed down from generation to generation. That isn’t always the case and if you really want one, you might have to hunt for one. 

Try Antique Shops

Because of their history, you might have some luck finding old mine-cut diamonds in antique stores. Most jewelry stores carry modern-cut diamonds and even if you find an old mine-cut diamond at a jewelry store, you might find a larger selection in a quality antique store. 

Try A Local Jewelry Shop 

Due to their reputation in the community, you might find an old mine-cut diamond that was traded in or sold to your local jeweler. Although most jewelry stores predominantly carry modern-cut diamonds some have an Estate case where you might just find one.

Some local jewelry shops specialize in selling antique jewelry. If the jeweler doesn’t have an old mine-cut diamond, they might be able to source one for you. 

Finding an old mine-cut diamond is going to be your first challenge, but once you find one, it will definitely be worth the wait. Remember you can move the diamond into an engagement ring that you like better than the ring it is currently sitting in so don’t be discouraged if you find a diamond in a ring you don’t like. Happy hunting!