What Is A CVD Diamond?

What Is A CVD Diamond?

CVD diamonds can be a great, conflit-free option for your engagement rings and other jewelry. They are virtually indistinguishable from natural stones to the naked eye, and they can be an excellent alternative.

If you’ve ever been curious about CVD diamond options, read on to find out exactly what they are, what their properties are, how they’re grown, and how fast they can grow.

What Is a CVD Diamond?

The acronym CVD stands for Chemical Vapor Deposition and it refers to the process by which lab-grown diamonds are made. 

These gems are almost identical to natural diamonds, but they are entirely human-mande and can have fewer inclusions and imperfections. In fact, they so closely resemble real diamonds that it’s impossible to tell the difference between natural and CVD diamonds without special equipment and training.

What are the Properties of a CVD Diamond?

CVD diamonds are rated on the same four C’s that natural diamonds are, and they can have flaws the same way natural diamonds do. In fact, while you may think that human-made, lab-grown diamonds might have fewer flaws than real diamonds, it’s actually very rare to find flawless CVD diamonds.

What is the CVD Process?

CVD works in five specific highly-specialized steps. It is an incredibly difficult process and requires very skilled individuals to operate the equipment and oversee it. These steps include:

  • First, a small diamond seed will be chosen to grow the diamond from. This sliver will then be placed in a sealed chamber.
  • Then, the chamber will be heated to approximately eight hundred degrees Celsius and filled with carbon-rich gas.
  • The gas ionizes will break down to pure carbon.
  • Next, the pure carbon molecules will adhere to the original diamond seed.
  • Finally, this process will continue to evolve until a fully-formed diamond is created.

How Fast do CVD Diamonds Grow?

The length of time it takes a CVD diamond to grow depends entirely on how big of a diamond you want. A one-carat diamond can be made in less than a month. 

Colored gems like yellow diamonds will grow faster–in approximately one-third of the time–because the nitrogen in the pigment speeds up the process.

Are You Looking for a CVD Diamond Jewelry Piece?

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