As we’re preparing to cross our grand opening finish line, we are filled with an array of emotions. We had no idea all the tasks and dollars that would be required in the last 10 days before an opening. As is often said “The reason the world is round is so you can only see so far down the road.” If we had been aware of the total scope of this journey, we’re not sure we would have had the courage to take the first step. But take that first step we did and then each subsequent step along the way until we finally landed here, just a few days away from opening our doors.

But among all of the things still yet to be done before we open, we have already welcomed our first returning client and here’s her story. We feel this sums up exactly why we can’t wait to reconnect with the rest of you on November 15th.

A long time customer’s daughter was getting married last weekend and she wanted to have her “something borrowed” wedding earrings come from us- her family’s favorite jewelry store. Having known her since she was a little girl playing “dress-up bride”, we were honored to be part of her very special day. So among the painters and electricians we found the earrings she had her heart set on. She came in and stepping over drills and drop cloths found on any construction site, she found her perfect earrings to wear on her wedding day. Then with a little sparkle of sapphire among the diamonds we were able to not only fill the something borrowed part of the wedding saying but also the something blue.

That’s why we love what we do. We get to be part of your most memorable milestones and life moments. We get to set your grandmother’s diamond into a new necklace designed especially for you making a piece of jewelry that honors both your gramma and delights you and maybe even gets passed on to your granddaughter over the years. So we’re ready to make your dreams come true beginning November 15th.