Lab Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

Lab Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

Welcome to another edition of our Impress Jewelry Creations blog, where we take you on a journey of discovery into the world of high-quality gemstones and designer brand jewelry. Today, we're delving into the fascinating comparison between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds.

Understanding Diamonds

The Majesty of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are a testament to the incredible wonders of the Earth. Formed under high temperature and pressure conditions deep within the Earth's mantle, these exceptional quality gemstones are created over billions of years. 

As each diamond journeys toward the surface, it brings with it a unique story of geological transformation, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

The Innovation of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Meanwhile, our master goldsmiths create lab-grown diamonds through sophisticated technological processes. These diamonds, though born in a lab, share the same physical and chemical properties as their natural counterparts. The process is a beautiful representation of human innovation and technology converging with natural elements.

Comparing Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds

Physical Properties

When it comes to physical properties such as hardness, brilliance, color, and clarity, both types of diamonds are virtually indistinguishable. This is because they are both made of pure carbon, arranged in a crystal lattice structure that gives diamonds their renowned hardness and sparkle.

Chemical Properties

From a chemical perspective, the similarities continue. The same element composition exists in both lab and natural diamonds. And while natural diamonds may contain minor inclusions formed over their lengthy creation process, lab-grown diamonds can also replicate these characteristics if desired.

Identifying the Differences

Identifying the differences between these two types of diamonds can be challenging. Through the naked eye, it's almost impossible. Only through professional equipment and expertise, like that found within Impress Jewelry Creations, can the origins be accurately determined.

Ethical Considerations

Environmental Impact

Natural diamonds' formation requires immense geological activity and their extraction can have notable environmental impacts. Lab-grown diamonds, however, are more eco-friendly, requiring fewer resources and causing less harm to the environment.

Social Impact

Impress Jewelry Creations takes pride in offering diamonds that are free of conflict. While the natural diamond industry has faced criticism due to issues related to "blood diamonds," lab-grown diamonds offer an ethical alternative, devoid of such concerns.

Economic Considerations

Investment Value

While both types of diamonds offer their own unique appeal, natural diamonds have traditionally held a stronger resale value, due to their rarity and the romanticism associated with their natural formation.

Buying Guide

When choosing between lab-grown and natural diamonds, the choice comes down to personal preference, ethical considerations, and the narrative you wish your jewelry to tell. Both types come with a certification of their properties and origins. Let our team at Impress Jewelry Creations guide you through this process, providing you with a boutique experience like no other.


Whether you choose a natural or lab-grown diamond, the brilliance, beauty, and exceptional quality of the gem remain undeniable. At Impress Jewelry Creations, we believe every diamond tells a story, and we're here to help you choose the one that best tells yours.

Discover our unique collections of custom jewelry, experience the difference between our designer brands, and let us help you tell your story. Visit us at Impress Jewelry Creations or make an appointment today to explore our exceptional offerings.