Today, more online jewelry purchases are being made every day than ever before in the history of commerce. And, most people assume that internet vendors offer the best bang for your buck – but that isn’t the case. And, you have no way of knowing how much of the money you spend with an online vendor is going to support local economies – if any. 

Learn about the benefits of buying American made jewelry from your local jeweler, instead of from a mass online vendor, such as BlueNile. Find out the different ways in which your dollar goes to support the vendor and underlying economy with a local jeweler vs online jewelry vendor. And, see how much further your dollar goes to benefiting your local economy when you form a relationship with local jewelers. 


The internet is a global marketplace to buy and sell goods because it is so convenient. But, when it comes to big-ticket items, like ballroom gowns, engagement rings, or luxury cars online shopping doesn't cut it. Furthermore, buying a big-ticket item, like a piece of jewelry from an online vendor is likely the end of your relationship.

Now, there is nothing wrong with browsing the web for information and to get a lay of the land regarding what is available and the prices. And, while it is tempting to ship an engagement ring to your door with the click of a button, think about all that you are leaving to chance. After all, you can never have an interaction with a piece of jewelry or the jeweler when you buy from a massive online vendor, like the Blue Nile. 

Any number of problems might occur in the purchase process of your jewelry. And, when all is said and done, what community and economy did your money benefit? Here are the reasons to buy American jewelry from your local jeweler instead of going to a big online seller:


If you’re in the market for a sports car, you want to take it for a test spin before you decide to buy it. When you shop for an engagement ring, you want to see the brilliance, color, and fire of the stone for yourself. There is no other way to gain an appreciation for a piece of handcrafted jewelry than to hold it in your hand. 

Maybe you’re more interested in making the whole process as easy and quick as possible, so you buy your diamond from a big online vendor. What happens if it shows up and fails to meet your expectations? After all, the decision of which diamond to buy goes beyond the 4 C’s – requiring your optical comparison of like-graded diamonds.

Your local jeweler hand selects an assortment of diamonds that comply with your desires and price point. Furthermore, they can inform you as to the unique qualities of each diamond as you make your optical assessment. With an online vendor, all it offers is a filter, after which your optical comparison is based on digital images – instead of the real thing.


When you buy jewelry online, the relationship ends when you press the “pay now” button. When you buy from your local jeweler it is the beginning of an ongoing relationship. Over the years, your jewelry will need maintenance, repairs, cleanings, and more. 

Who better to perform these essential services on your valuables than the individual with whom you purchased, in the first place. Buying from your local jeweler ensures the ongoing care of your jewelry. And, there is more incentive to offer better deals for future purchases, financing options, and services, because your jeweler wants to keep you coming back.

An online jewelry vendor can offer as much warranty, guarantees, and return policy promises as they want. When a problem occurs you don’t want to be waiting on a website support team to reply. You want the peace-of-mind that comes with an ongoing relationship with a member of your local community and economy. 


Your dollar benefits the economy in which it is spent, and it goes further when it is spent locally. On average, for every $100 spent at a locally owned jewelry store, between 65 and 70% remains within the local economy. The same product, purchased from a retail chain only retains an average of 45% of the purchase price in the local economy.

Even if the retail chain is American owned, your local economy retains around 20% less than buying from a local jeweler. And, when it comes to ongoing services like jewelry cleanings and repairs, your local economy retains even more. Nothing beats knowing whose hands are crafting your custom American made jewelry.

So, don’t hesitate to price-hunt online and at big chain retailers, but when it comes time to buy your engagement ring or piece of jewelry, go to your local jeweler. Your local jeweler is motivated to keep your dollars in the local economy, as well as to genuinely help you find the right piece. So, start a relationship with your local jeweler today and help support your local economy.