The rooms have been built. The interior design has been executed- walls painted, custom display cases put in place, lighting installed and furniture deliveries taking place. On Nov. 15th the display cases will be filled with fabulous jewelry- many of them from designers never seen in our area before and a week from tomorrow with a new President-elect in place, we will make our own history and open our doors…sharing with you our dream- finally becoming a reality- Impress Jewelry Creations.


It will be a night of celebration and getting reacquainted with so many of you AND getting acquainted with many more of you! All the planning, designing, executing and long hours will be behind us and ahead of us will be YOU, our loyal clients and our new customers yet discovered. You have no idea how much all 10 of us have missed you- whether we’ve known you for years or we’re just about to meet you- you’re why we’ve worked so hard. We want to amaze you with our jewelry selections and please you with our service expertise and genuine caring about you- not your jewelry- YOU! And we know we will do just that- because as this team- we already have a proven track record! We want your jewelry experience to be fun and meaningful and always worthy of your trust. That’s the Impress Promise to you- no that’s our guarantee to you! When life gives you a special moment… we will celebrate it with you by commemorating it for you.

In a week, it’s an Impress moment of celebration for us and we humbly thank you ALL for your ongoing and gracious support. Thank you again and always! See you next week! Now it’s our turn to surprise you! Just wait!!!!!