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Our Unique Concept

Provenance: The Story of You

For us, jewelry is much more than the allure of beauty and charismatic sparkle you see in our cases.

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Jewelry Is a Marker of Your Journey

It is more than sophistication, more than adornment, even more than precious memories. Jewelry is more because it is one of those rare things that is part of our life’s journey. And it lives on to tell its story. That story, of course, has a beginning! And that’s where Provenance comes in. It’s the exciting cornerstone of what we do.


1. The beginning of something's existence; something's origin.
2. A record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.

Every piece of jewelry, whether purchased, gifted or custom designed, begins its journey in the hands of its owner and keeper. So often, those fine pieces come to emulate that person or special occasion and the memories of that beginning. They become keepsakes and heirlooms. They become gifted and passed down again. Soon, that story becomes longer...

Thus, Provenance is a concept that can be relayed to fine jewelry as well. Like fine art, it is to be treasured. It has a romantic story full of sentiment that should be told and recorded! It is a story that can live on and evolve. At Impress, we can help you capture that beautiful story, and we can infuse that into every Provenance-worthy piece you possess.

Preserve The Past

Your Memories Will Not Be Forgotten

Whether it’s a precious diamond or gem you want repurposed, an old family heirloom you want restored or a new custom engagement ring that is just beginning it’s story, the historical record and life details of your treasured piece will not be forgotten. And, it’s just another reason why we are a new concept in jewelry design. It’s proof of how much we value our customers. And it’s why we love what we do.