Sell Your Items

Sell Your Pieces on Consignment

We offer an ever-evolving and revolving selection of pre-owned jewelry at IJC.

One of the ways in which we receive our pre-owned jewelry pieces is through estate liquidation. The vetting process we use to ensure these pieces are up to our standards is very selective and representative of the very high level of quality that we adhere to. Our collection ranges from antique/vintage to modern/contemporary and most styles in between.

Get The Best Value

Jewelry consignment isn’t too dissimilar from estate jewelry inspection and processing, except that the client retains ownership. Because of that, the client may yield a higher return than if they were to sell their item themselves. Our commission rates vary from 25%-40%, depending on the overall value of the piece. This option is most beneficial to a client who is not time sensitive and is able to wait for the piece to be sold. Another benefit is that jewelry consignment allows a piece to be showcased to a wide variety of people that generally wouldn't be accessible to a client if they simply tried to sell the piece on their own. IJC is also able to facilitate the transaction and offer warranties that would be otherwise unavailable. In our role as an intermediary, we are able to offer a transaction process that is both reliable and secure.

Keep in mind that when we evaluate jewelry pieces, we will sometimes require work to done up front to bring the jewelry up to our standards. This also makes a piece more sellable, usually resulting in a greater gain for consignment clients.