Impress Jewelry Creations has partnered with Parade - a line highly recognized for its engagement jewelry as well as diamond and colored gemstones.

Parade was founded in 2001 by brothers Allen & William Pung, who grew up in the jewelry business, and developed a keen eye for high quality gemstones and designs. They espouse, “Our passion is creating jewelry of the highest quality, to be cherished for generations”. Both brothers bring a different perspective to their creations and when combined, the results are fabulous.

Parade’s success is manifested by what those, who can afford the finest, see in their designs. Personalities such as Carrie Underwood, Rumor Willis, Regina King, Gina Rodriguez, and Dilshad Vadsaria, are among a few who wear their creations.

If you have yet to experience what Parade has to offer, please stop by our boutique and view the wide selection we have on display.