Weddings and Engagements are lifetime events, so at Impress Jewelry Creations we understand just how significant it is to capture these milestones with just the right selection. In our Boutique, we have joined together with Crown Ring, a vendor and supplier of some of the most unique wedding and engagement rings ever seen.

In 1999 Thierry Bellisha and Haimy Mann founded Crown Ring to recognize the special moments in life that take your breath away. When a couple gets married they are King and Queen of their world, ready to reign over their new life. So...“Crown Ring fit for a King and Queen” is the sentiment that is shared in each of their designs.

Here are some interesting facts about this company that make them so special in this field:

  • Crown Ring designs both men's and women's matrimonial jewelry.
  • They currently feature eight collections each unique in design and style.
  • Their Noam Carver Bridal line features over 100 different styles.
  • The “Torque” Innovative Metals collection offers extremely durable men's wedding band styles in metals like tungsten, Black Ceramic and cobalt.
  • Crown Ring is recognized in North America for its unique designs and expert craftsmanship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Visit our boutique, shop our broad selection of Crown Ring’s and enjoy an ultimate jewelry experience.