At Impress Jewelry Creations we know our customers desire to possess fine watches that are not only functional but innovative, reliable and elegantly stylish. This describes Alpina Sport Watches - a Swiss watch manufacturer that has been providing superb timepieces for more than 130 years.

  • In 1883 Swiss watchmaker visionary Gottlieb Hauser founded the Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corp.
  • He united independent watchmakers who became known as “Alpinists”.
  • Alpina has become synonymous with rugged timepiece innovation seeking to improve how things are made and done.

The emergence of mass-produced, inexpensive watches nearly led to Alpina's demise, and yet, the company refused to abandon its Geneva mechanical watch standards. In 2002 Alpina rose back to a position of prominence by persevering in the philosophy of manufacturing watches for those who participate in the most demanding and extreme sporting activities.

We are fortunate to be the sole retailer in the state that carries this fine timepiece. Please visit us at our boutique to admire what Alpina has to offer.