Impress Jewelry Creations is proud to have the opportunity to represent a new line of fine jewelry - A.JAFFE. We believe our customers will delight in what this excellent company has to offer. In 1892 Abraham Jaffe, a 26 year old New Yorker, had a twinkle in his eye for diamonds. He set up shop on Maiden Lane in downtown New York City. Later, he was a pioneer in moving his business to West 47th Street which eventually became the epicenter for the international jewelry world. Jaffe believed that..."Diamonds can reflect passion or they can ignite it." Here are some facts that explain their success and why we chose to partner with them:

  • They only use diamonds mined in countries that participate in the Kimberley Process Certification format that eliminates the trade of “conflict” diamonds.
  • Only a small percentage of diamonds possess their stringent level of quality, required in their jewelry creations.
  • The gold used is 100% nickel free and the 18k gold is alloyed with 40% more palladium than that of other jewelers. This allows the white gold to remain brighter longer.

Please join us to view and welcome A.Jaffe to our boutique.