I think we can all agree that when a sports or movie star looks into the camera after a great win usually they give a shout out to their MOM! Although Dad was probably there all along their journey too, the shout out acknowledgment goes to Mom! And that’s great and well deserved. HOWEVER… we thought we’d mix it up a little this year and show Dad some love with our own DAD shout out!

Last night we had a special event for our Dads with a Wm Henry and “Pre-Enjoyed” estate watch and jewelry event! And if there is something beyond “Smashing Success” we had it! The evening which was scheduled to go from 4-7 didn’t end until almost 9:00 as our guests mingled and met other dads (and some moms were there too-scoping out what the dad in their life was admiring) and just celebrated the whole dad experience and journey. It was all about honoring the dads among us and in our hearts and just sharing what it’s like to be a dad AT ALL AGES! 

Some of our dads were just getting started as new dads or soon to be dads and some were just entering the empty nest chapter of their dad story while others were now passing the torch by becoming granddads! At any phase of dad-dom there were stories being shared and sage advice being delivered when asked about. It was a truly special way to spend an evening- oh yeah and there WAS an extra special emphasis on men’s jewelry- but that truly was just the backdrop for our celebration! The main focus was on the men in our lives who have been there along the way for all of us. Where would we be without our dads. Well first we’d be nowhere but that’s a different blog!

In this blog we want to honor our husbands and fathers and sons (be they dads today or in the making) and grandfathers and uncles and those adoptive dads who love and mentor us along the way. All of these men work and love and strive with all of their might. And yes, being human they often stumble and occasionally fall flat on their faces. BUT dads pick themselves up and keep moving forward as providers and supporters, givers and takers (usually of a child’s privileges as a teaching method) but they are there juggling all of life’s expectations and jobs.


We honor our dads this time of year as their love and successes are most evident at graduations and weddings and end of school year awards for our children- sitting in the audience or the pew beaming at their children’s next step on their path. The role that any parent plays, be it dad or mom, is crucial in shaping the lives of our future generations- just as our parents molded us with love and support and lessons. And on that thought – we honor the grandparents who play such a major role in their grandchildren’s lives- be it around the corner or across the country, their sacrifice of time and resources to help us raise our children is unwavering and never in question. It’s just there! And I look forward to my time in the grandparent role as does Bill. But first we have to get Dustin to 3rd grade! But we know it will come all too quickly as life speeds forward.

So whether you were able to join us last night in our “Everything Dad” event or just seeing pictures and reading about it now- please spend a little time reflecting on the dad(s) in your lives in the coming days and reaching out with a special thank you for all they have been to you in your past and in your future. Honor them with a moment of your time right now in your present. As we too will be showing our gratitude for our dads along with all of blessings that come from the ultimate father- our heavenly Father!

Love to you all and thank you for being with us either personally or in spirit last night for all things Dad!

Love- Stacy Martin