Whatever name we call this one and only woman or multiple women in our lives, our feelings about the moms in our lives is pretty universal. We should celebrate these incredible women for ALL they do for us each and every day but if you’re like me, life, work, traffic and laundry get in the way far too often.  Today is a perfect day to say thank you!

Whether your special mom is nearby or across the country or the world or just held in your heart these days, this woman conjures feelings of love and admiration, fond memories and future dreams and hopes of happiness. It’s fairly amazing to me that these women who might be stay at home or working moms, grandmothers, sisters or daughters from all walks of life and experience, the overwhelming feelings evoked in us are LOVE and GRATITUDE and AWE!

LOVE for all the many sacrifices we now know she made for us- whether it was attending a game or recital instead of relaxing with her feet up enjoying a book or the hours on end that she worked to make sure each day we headed off to school safe and well fed with lunch in hand and our homework completed and mostly correct (After all she’s a mom- not a Genie...). And for all the times we surprised our mom with the forgotten announcement that she was expected to bring healthy snacks for the whole team tomorrow or drive car pool in the afternoon instead of getting her hair cut and colored as she had been dreaming about for weeks- (BTW pretty sure all those mysterious gray hairs that she was so looking forward to hiding with dye….WE GAVE THEM TO HER!!- Yup- pretty sure!!!) For all those times and a million more that you think we’ve forgotten and perhaps we have…we LOVE YOU!


GRATITUDE for seeing us through skinned knees and tear streaked faces after we were dumped the 1st or the 15th time or the heartache when we didn’t get the job or the school of choice or a date to the prom, we are grateful for her guiding us and hugging us and kissing away our fears and pain. We are grateful and you will remain in our hearts forever and WE CELEBRATE YOU!

AWE for the times you stood by us and up for us when we might not have exactly deserved your belief and support and you turned the other way when you knew we were not being “entirely” truthful and more importantly for the times when you DIDN’T turn the other way and you stood firm for “our own good”. Although we were awestruck in those moments too – it wasn’t exactly the good AWE we’re feeling for you today- but we understand better now! For the values you instilled in us and kindnesses you insisted we show others consistently BUT often forgot to bestow upon you- our greatest fan and defender… we want you to know- we NOW totally get it.

We’ve all heard the expression “It takes a village to raise a child.” Maybe more to the point with our moms, there is a village inside each of them. In order to love and support and defend and raise us, that village consists of the hand-holder, hugger, playmate, story reader, kisser of boo-boos, cook, caregiver, driver, encourager, No-Sayer, game player, cheerleader, laundress, carpenter, provider, bike fixer, shoe tier, clothes folder, sock finder, catcher, homework helper, math teacher, science experimenter, bug lover, ballet doyen, hair expert, toothbrush police, worrier, believer in all things possible, night guard, nurse and doctor, bad dream eraser, pet feeder and poop picker-upper, (yeah I know we promised we WOULD do it!- how’d that go for you????), college funder, clothes shopper, manners enforcer, and all around lover of all things US!!!

Thank you for the moms in my life- my mom, my wife- mother of our son Dustin, my mother in law and all those women who held me up along my life journey often letting me think I was doing it ALL BY MYSELF! I humbly and gratefully thank you!