I can only think of this year from an amusement park perspective in that it contained a giant roller coaster for many months with all of the ups and downs of this thrill ride and then the VooDoo Drop where you plummet 150 ft back to earth at 60 miles an hour and lastly the Catpult- the daredevil of all rides. This ride we got on with both fear and excitement in September when we signed a lease to open our own jewelry boutique and were propelled into our future with nothing but our confidence and others’ belief and support.

As you can see the experience was not all glamour and gold and we can’t say we’d want to experience another “thrilling” year like this one in 2017…or 18 even- but in the end as we’re preparing to close the book on this year- we have to say thank you to so many for the experience of a lifetime. With a little perspective of time we can now see that every ride had a purpose for us and each one brought us to where we stand today. And that is ELATED!

It’s been an amazing 6 weeks since we had our Grand Opening and again not every day was stress-free but it was filled with familiar faces who searched us out to say hello and wish us great luck in our new venture- and make a purchase or 2 or 10 (really thank you for all of your spends- we hope you or your family member loves the jewelry you selected into 2017 and beyond!). And to all of the new friends who have found us both in the boutique and online and are loving what we have to offer- thank you! And please come again and often to see all that is new and fresh in 2017!


Thank you to our brand partners and vendors who have been incredible in their support and at times fulfillments at lightning speed. Couldn’t have arrived here without you! And to our investors and financial partners- what can we say except THANK YOU for all of your belief in Impress and us and our staff. You’ve been a wonder to us all!

And thank you to those who worked tirelessly to get the construction completed on time and on budget, and those who worked on our sign and digital billboards (Cat- you’re gem!) and to MonkeyHouse who brought their “A” game to our brand and marketing- thank you! There are so many of you to thank and we hope you all know that from our deepest souls we do thank you and we know – we couldn’t have done this without each of you stepping up and supporting us. Each of you is in our debt and we hope we can repay the many assists over the coming years. We owe you big time!!!!

Lastly let me take a moment to thank our team of jewelry professionals who trusted us and leapt with us into the unknown. Thank you all- we are honored by your courage and your faith that together we could accomplish this dream. And to my wife Stacy and our son Dustin- your dedication to the cause has been non-stop and humbling. We promise Dustin that all that you went without in 2016 as far as time and resources are yours in 2017 and beyond. I am a blessed man and forever grateful to you both.

So here comes 2017- with what I’m guessing is a few thrill rides of it’s own as we meet the challenges of our first year in business. But with a couple of days off to recuperate and celebrate-we will be ready with great gratitude in our hearts for all of it and YOU!

Thank you and our best wishes for all of you in 2017!

Bill Martin