Whoever said a journey begins with a single step never spoke truer words. The fact that we are achieving this dream of being jewelry boutique owners is indescribable for us. We feel in control of our destiny for the first time and ironically it is both a frightening and exhilarating prospect as you can well imagine. None of this would be possible without the team that has come together to form Impress Jewelry Creations. Each member of our team brings to Impress a set of unique talents that complement others on the team. And when we say team we truly mean TEAM. These faces that will look familiar to many of you are the very essence of IJC. Everything we plan to bring you is possible because of the quality of this team. What can happen when a team has a background of working and creating together is total trust in one another. And that’s when magic can happen. And that’s what we will bring to Michiana…MAGIC. Magic in the form of a boutique that is welcoming yet chic and unlike anything else around outside of a major city beautiful jewelry from our exquisite brand partners, many of which have never been seen in our region custom pieces designed and created by experienced artisans that are both a statement and reflection of your life story Service and quality that can only be experienced when a team of this caliber and cohesiveness is brought together A model of delivering a jewelry experience that is tailored just for you and expresses your life story through your jewelry And of course the most important part of the magic is YOU our valued clients who trust some of your most extraordinary life moments to us. We never take that for granted and we are honored to be part of those celebrations. And those are just some of the new and unique experiences in store for you at Impress Jewelry Creations. We have more than a few surprises for you- as they say- Coming Soon! But for now please know how grateful and excited we are to share with you Impress Jewelry Creations, a new way to experience fine and fashion jewelry. Thank you to all who have been there along the way to make this dream our new reality! We can never express enough our appreciation to our team. So we’ll just say Thank you all! And welcome to Impress Jewelry Creations! See you all in November. Look for our countdown billboards throughout Michiana for our opening date in November. And return to our website often for exciting announcements. And please follow and like us on Facebook.