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Bill and Stacy Martin
Through the eyes of a Mom….
We all agree sports or movie stars usually they give a shout out to MOM! We thought we’d mix it up a little this year and show Dad some love!
Guys Night Out with William Henry
To you the name Matt Conable might not mean anything, but here at Impress, he is the founder and chief designer of a men's jewelry line...
Simon G
I had the opportunity to visit designer Simon G at his Glendale facility as he shared his passion for designing fine bridal and high fashion jewelry.
As 2016 Draws to a Close
Both Stacy and I will look back on this year with both delight and amazement. Who knew a year ago as 2016 was about to launch that all of the things that have taken place- ever would.
Designer Café - Martha Seely
Do you know those days at work when it’s not work AT ALL—it’s just sheer delight? They don’t happen often but when they do they stay with you forever. That’s exactly the kind of day I had recently. I met Martha Seely on the phone and what was supposed to be a 20 minute interview turned into a 2 hour gabfest that flew by. And I can’t wait to do it again and again and again!
Grandest Opening EVER!!!
Can we just say Wow! We just have to say that again- WOW! We were ready for a Grand Opening but what we got was the GRANDEST OPENING ever! It was amazing!!! YOU ALL are amazing!!
Borrowed But Never Blue
Among all of the things still yet to be done before we open, we have already welcomed our first returning client and here’s her story.
Impress Jewelry construction is underway!
Construction Is Underway
This is an exciting time for us. We're quickly approaching opening day, the studio is coming together, and soon all the hard work will payoff as the new, Impress Jewelry Creations opens its doors to the public for the very first time.