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How to Buy Gold in 2020
The purchasing power of gold remains steady throughout history. This is why it pays, in the long run, to familiarize yourself with how to buy gold. Find out everything you need to know on how to buy gold in 2020.
Clean Jewelry
How to Clean Jewelry
Just like your clothing, you also have to clean jewelry – from time to time. With some standard household cleaning supplies, you can make old pieces sparkle like new, in no-time. 
Jewelry Insurance 101
Jewelry Insurance 101
Jewelry insurance provides coverage for high-value items, like rings, diamonds, and fine watches. Find out everything you need to know about insurance coverage for jewelry and valuables. Learn about getting an appraisal and the pitfalls to avoid in the process. 
The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Jewelry is Free
Don’t wait, save your jewelry today with in-store cleaning. Not familiar with Granger or Mishawaka? You can find us at 1233 University Drive City Plaza S, Granger, IN. We are in the greater Notre Dame area, in the same plaza as Temper Grille.
Custom jewelry in Granger Mishawaka South Bend Niles St. Joseph
Creativity Shines
"Custom jewelry"sounds scary, but it is actually easy, fun, and the perfect way to express yourself!
Gosh Garnet! That's Pretty
Garnets represent January, the 2nd wedding anniversary. But did you know they come in many colors, including blue?
Bill and Stacy Martin
Through the eyes of a Mom….
We all agree sports or movie stars usually they give a shout out to MOM! We thought we’d mix it up a little this year and show Dad some love!
Guys Night Out with William Henry
To you the name Matt Conable might not mean anything, but here at Impress, he is the founder and chief designer of a men's jewelry line...
Simon G
I had the opportunity to visit designer Simon G at his Glendale facility as he shared his passion for designing fine bridal and high fashion jewelry.
As 2016 Draws to a Close
Both Stacy and I will look back on this year with both delight and amazement. Who knew a year ago as 2016 was about to launch that all of the things that have taken place- ever would.