Top 6 Creative Gifts for the 2020 Holidays: Custom Jewelry and More

Creative gifts like personalized custom jewelry are the perfect gift for someone you love this holiday season. And, with the winter holidays just around the corner, you can make this season special for someone with a gift that shows how much you care. These 6 creative gifts and hand-crafted jewelry pieces can make 2020 a year remembered for something more than distance.

This holiday, make your gift stand out from any other you have given in the past. See the 6 one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces that your loved one will cherish for years to come. And, discover what makes these creative gifts unique and rare amongst online sellers and jewelry stores.

6 Best Creative Gifts and Jewelry Pieces for the Holiday Season in 2020

Custom jewelry pieces are creative gifts for your loved one, which is hand-made by master jewelers, personalized, and one-of-a-kind. When your loved one reflects on the past year, give the gift of some sparkle amidst the gloom. One-of-a-kind pieces of fine jewelry are the perfect canvas for personalized engravings. 

The holidays aren’t about the number of gifts you give. It’s about the thought and care that you put into the gift of giving. How do these creative pieces of fine jewelry use artistry and craftsmanship to bring out attributes that complement that of your loved one?

Simon G. 18k Gold Tri-Tone Fashion Ring

The Simon G. 18k Gold Tri-Tone Fashion Ring evokes a beautiful tapestry of elegance, strength, and delicacy. This ring features a triplet of gold, white gold, and rose-gold interwoven bands. A prong-set of 29 brilliant diamonds accents the outer band, drawing the eye to this enviable and elegant fashion ring. 

Frederic Sage Collection Spiral-Cut Stone and White Gold Necklace

From the Frederic Sage collection – this Spiral-Cut Stone and White-Gold Necklace are as pure as it is mesmerizing. This exceptional piece of craftsmanship features 14K white gold, accented in mother of pearl. And, the blue high-luster inlaid abalone shines like a star-filled milky way galaxy with every ray of light it catches. And, atop it’s brilliant and delicate spiral sits a pendant bail of 18 brilliant-cut diamonds – sparkling like the sun on the water. 

Lady’s Bali-Style 18K Gold Bracelet

The Bali-Style 18K Gold Bracelet is the perfect creative gift that feels like an ancient relic. For the woman with a taste for adventure, this piece speaks to the relish of the road-less-traveled in the unknown. Blue round topaz and blue pearls offer as stark a contrast to the bracelets sterling silver band as that of the land to the sea.

Impress Jeweler Multicolor Baroque Pearl Bracelet

For those with a crystal soul for the sea, and steadfast feat-on-the-ground, the Multicolor Baroque Pearl Bracelet spares no exception in ethereal beauty. This bracelet features an assortment of natural freshwater pearls, shining in a variety of blue and white hues. Amongst the top 6 creative gifts for the 2020 holidays, the Multicolor Baroque Pearl Bracelet is uniquely affordable for your gift budget. 

Limited Series William Henry Cabernet 'Imperial' Rollerball Pen

A one-of-a-kind creative gift, unequaled by any other of its kind, is the Limited Series William Henry Cabernet 'Imperial' Rollerball Pen. For the refined academic or passionate archeologist, give them a pen made from the fossil of an Apatosaurus dinosaur that lived over 100 million years ago. Dug-up in the Utah desert, the fossil produced only 20 of this limited edition William Henry pen, for a gift that is truly unlike any other. But this pen is more than bones, as the structural boy of the piece is crafted from aerospace-grade titanium and aluminum. The pen cap is made of carbon fiber, and it features a diamond set pocket clip of mahogany and Damascus steel. Who says nice things have to be fragile?  

Martha Seely Contemporary Sterling Silver White Gold Earrings

The Martha Seely Contemporary Sterling Silver White Gold Earrings compliment the person who thrives by thinking outside of the box. A refreshing and visually compelling opposite to the contemporary angular jewelry trend, these earrings feature elegant curves and unifying symmetry in design. The hand-crafted sterling silver is contrasted by the subtle glow of 159 cubic zirconia stones. Martha Seely earrings are the perfect gift for that classy someone with a soul that glows. 

Bring some light and sparkle to the 2020 holidays by making someone special smile so big it lights up the room. And, add a hand-engraved message on any gift to show them how much you care. Talk to a jeweler today to customize your creative gifts and unique jewelry to give someone special this holiday.