How to Design a Ring from Scratch: Step-by-step Guide to Ring Design

There is something special that happens when you design a ring for your loved one. Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it is a unique, one of a kind, and personally important gift. Your design embodies the attention and love that inspires the process of designing a ring for that special person. 

Learn everything you need to know about designing a custom-made ring. Take a step-by-step guide through the considerations and inspiration process that helps you decide on the materials with which to create your ring. And, see the different options for your rings gemstone, stone cut, and setting. 

How To Design A Custom Ring

When you design a ring for the one you love, it becomes much more than a custom piece of jewelry – it is a one-of-a-kind reminder of your story together. Creating jewelry is equal parts craftsmanship and artistry, which involves several steps to deciding on the attributes of the ring. The process begins with identifying the type of ring you want to design. There are cocktail rings, birthstone rings, anniversary bands, fashion contemporary rings – and many more – but, the demand for engagement rings is, by far, the highest. To demonstrate the ring design process, design your engagement ring by following this simple guide:

Research and Pre-Planning Stage: Find Inspiration for Your Ring Design

Starting with some simple research helps you get your bearings around the attribute options for your custom ring design. By looking at examples of engagement rings you can start to become familiar with the types of gemstones, stone cuts, and stone size options available. Gather the photos of engagement rings you like, along with what you like about the ring. 

custom rings

After you have some examples, take them to your jeweler for a ring design consultation. This is the fun part of the process, where you can start to see your ring design take shape and come to life. In the consultation, you and your jeweler make decisions regarding your choice of stone, stone cut, carat, and metal. 

Choose the Type of Stone for Your Ring

The most aesthetically important and defining aspect of your custom ring. Some of the popular gemstone choices for rings include Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Amber Topaz, and Rose Quartz. But, when it comes to the stone for custom engagement rings, none come close to the popularity of Diamonds

custom gemstone ring

Diamonds are the stone of choice for engagement rings, in large part because of the marketing efforts of the diamond industry throughout the 20th-century. It cannot be denied, however, that diamonds are distinct in their natural qualities and optical beauty. The best-quality diamonds have the highest GIA grades for cut, color, clarity, and carat.  

Choose the Stone Cut and Carat for Your Ring

After you pick a stone for your ring design, it is cut to a shape of your choosing. There are several customary types of stone cuts, and each produces a different optical effect, depending on the color and qualities of the gemstone. Your jeweler can help you determine which stone cut and gemstone combination are most effective.

Custom Diamond Ring Cut

When it comes to engagement ring diamonds, the standard round cut and princess diamond cut are the two most popular choices. A round brilliant diamond-cut consists of 58 facets that reflect and direct light to produce a stunning sparkle. The shape of your diamond can also be influenced by the diamond's setting, metal, and carat.

Diamond Size

The diamond carat is a measurement of weight and directly translates into the size of the diamond. A 0.25 carat (ct) diamond is about the size of a pomegranate seed. On the other end of the scale, a large 5ct diamond is about the size of a blueberry.

Choose the Type of Metal for Your Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, 14ct gold is the most traditional and common choice. Trends have changed, however, and more people are choosing engagement rings with a variety of other metals. In general, the most popular choices for the metal of a ring are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and platinum.  

Yellow, white, and rose gold often are available in, either, 14ct or 18ct gold. Not only is your custom engagement ring one-of-a-kind, but it can also be a valuable asset. If your ring design warrants the value, talk to a jewelry associate about adding jewelry insurance to your homeowners' policy.

These are only the basic elements of your engagement ring, and the options abound from there. Your jeweler takes your inspiration and choices for the type of gemstone, cut, carat, and metal to craft a unique and valuable treasure. To design a ring for your loved one, today, talk to a jeweler for a free ring design consultation.