Personal Handmade Gifts for Him

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Guide 2020

It can be hard to give Dad a gift that he truly will love, and he doesn't already have. So, this fathers day, give him something that he can use on a daily basis, and that carries a customized personal meaning. A piece of hand-engraved jewelry is a gift that holds timeless value.

Find the perfect gift for him, in this 2020 fathers day gift ideas guide to hand-engraved men’s jewelry. Find a gift that Dad will never forget – and that can only come from you. Are you ready for the best fathers day gift ideas for 2020?

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Men rarely will buy jewelry for themselves – but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it, or won’t wear it. The key to giving Dad a piece of jewelry is in the personalization. Hand engraved inscriptions add a unique effect and individuality to any fathers day gift ideas.  

When men think of jewelry, what comes to mind are necklaces, pearls, diamonds – women’s jewelry. He might not think of men’s jewelry, such as personalized watches, pens, knives, gemstone set rings, and leather belts. And, on top of a hand-engraved personal message or inscription, Dad’s love knowing that their gift is 100% American made.

The Benefits of Hand Engraving

Just like a customized piece of jewelry, every father is unique and special. Personalization requires forethought, artistry, and adaptation. He will truly appreciate the time and planning you put into a custom hand engraved inscription. 

Most engraving, today, is done by an engraving machine – which doesn’t come close to the quality of hand engraving. Machine engraving scores or scratches the metal with a diamond tip blade. It is a cheaper option, but the engraving doesn't go very deep into the metal and is easily damaged. 

Hand engraving is more like sculpting and scores deep into the metal. Only the hands of an artisan can create the type of engraving that will last for lifetimes. The jeweler uses micro chisels to remove strips of metal, just like woodworking. Hand engraving lasts forever because the artisan cuts deeper into the metal than machines.

At the end of the day, you can find a watch anywhere. But, it takes personal attention and craftsmanship to create a gift that connects the dots of a person's life. A hand-engraved gift for Dad is of intrinsic, personal, and lasting value.

Custom engravings give a deeply personal touch to a high-quality gift for fathers day. Engraving options include military emblems, doctor and dentists emblems, first responder emblems, monograms, commemorations, family crests – and more. And, customize the aesthetic with engraved patterns and designs around the symbol of your choosing. 

So, if you want to give him something treasured and personal, here are the best fathers day gift ideas for 2020:

1. Diamondback Rattlesnake Leather Belt

Perfect for a Dad who loves fine leather, the Diamondback Rattlesnake Leather Belt combines artisanship and customization. Manufactured for Impress Jewelry Creations in El Paso Texas, this belt is made from sustainably sourced leather, including invasive species – never sourced from endangered species.

There are many color and sizing options available, as well as “ranger style” belts for law enforcement. Ranger style belts are narrow in the front to easily hold tools and comfortably sit for extended periods of time.

In addition, to the diamondback rattlesnake leather option, choose from other leather options, like Ostrich, Alligator, Caiman Crocodile, and Bison leather. He will use it every day because the belt is high-quality, unique, and functional. Personalization and creativity is a gift that only you can give your dad or husband this father's day. 

2. Hand Engraved Belt Buckle by Impress Jewelers

Dads are hard to buy for because they already have what they want, so give them something personal they will use. Belt buckles by Impress Jewelers are a personalized utility and a wearable memory. Not only is it cool but it is one of a kind for your father. 

The custom engraving highlights an aspect of his life of great importance. The value comes from a personal connection to your life. It is made in sterling silver, producing an engraving that stands out. And, choose from stylization options to fit his personality, like an antique sterling silver finish, or beaded rim around the buckle.

3. “The Smokey” – Bracelet by William Henry 

For the dads who appreciate a piece of upscale personalization, “The Smokey” bracelet stands apart. This men’s bracelet exudes elegance and earthiness, with translucent natural smoky quartz, and subtly mesmerizing tones. The three focal beads are blue tiger-eyes and encased in sterling silver. The end caps and clasp are sculpted in heat hardened sterling silver.

4. The Cabernet 'Confetti' – Rollerball Pen by William Henry

The Cabernet 'Confetti' Rollerball Pen is the best gift for the office-bound man. Give dad a pen that he will use on a daily basis, and that exceeds the quality of any other pen he has. 

It is a rollerball pen featuring a barrel in spiny oyster and turquoise. The body is made of aerospace-grade titanium and aluminum, and accents on the carbon fiber cap are in mokume titanium. And, the pocket clip is set with a sapphire gemstone. 

The Wavelock cap closure system features a ring of chromium steel ball bearings embedded in a titanium ring which are captured in wave-shaped grooves in titanium collars. 

No two William Henry Rollerball Pens are alike. This exclusive pen imbues distinction and elegance. And, each pen comes in a handmade hardwood presentation box. 

5. Damascus Steel Stag horn Collectors Outdoorsman Knife

The Damascus Steel Stag horn Collectors Outdoorsman Knife is the best fathers day gift for the nature-loving Dad’s. The blade is layered in signature mint Damascus layered steel. The hilt is made of staghorn and walnut with a steel bolster. 

With an overall length of 10.5”, the Damascus Steel Stag horn Collectors Outdoorsmans Knife is not only beautiful but highly usable. It is American made in Las Vegas, and it is accompanied by a hand-stitched leather sheath that slides onto his belt. 

6. Custom Trapper Style Knife with Buffalo Bone Handle

The Custom Trapper Style Knife with Buffalo Bone Handle is perfect for Dads who like to carry a pocket knife on a daily basis. The knife has an overall length of 7.5” and features a blunt tip and drop point blade. Each blade is hand-forged in signature stainless steel and comes with a hand-stitched brown leather belt sheath holster.   

7. Men’s Signet Rings

A Men’s Signet Ring is a gift that he will treasure forever and wear every day. The ring is masculine, elegant, and comes with a blank face – ready for a custom engraving. The face is perfect for a personalized message, emblem of symbol, or custom commemoration.

Talk to a Jeweler 

This father's day is your chance to give him a gift that he will never expect and always cherish. Show him how much he means by giving the gift of personalized thought and creativity. Only you can give him the gift of refinement and utility with a piece of men’s jewelry.

There are many more options available by contacting Impress Jewelry Creations. For more fathers day gifts and ideas for custom engraving, talk to a jeweler, today. And, share these fathers day gift ideas with your social media community.