Complete Guide to Lafonn Fashion Rings and Why They are Special

There is nothing that expresses your affection quite like the gift of a diamond – and Lafonn diamonds are special. Lafonn is a jewelry design and manufacturing company that offers a budget-friendly alternative to the Blue Nile, and other overpriced online jewelry retailers. And, Lafonn’s jewelry features equivalent optical quality and aesthetic value to pieces worth ten-times the price.

Learn everything you need to know about what makes Lafonn’s fashion rings and designer jewelry the best equivalent alternative to Blue Nile rings and others. Find out what makes their diamonds special, from the chemical properties and manufacturing process to polishing and shaping of the stones. And, discover the perfect piece of luxury jewelry for your special someone – at a fraction-the-price you expect.   

Lafonn Fashion Rings and Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

The Lafonn brand stands-out in the jewelry industry for the high-quality jewelry it creates at a budget-friendly price. Lafonn jewelry combines technical mastery, artisanal skill, and innovative chemistry to create wearable works of art – from earrings to engagement rings, and more. And, though you are bound to notice the price difference right away, you probably won’t notice any difference between Lafonn’s Signature Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds, and a diamond that costs ten times as much. 

lafonn diamond rings

This Lafonn sterling silver ring features a 3.71-carat Signature Round Lassaire Diamond in the center, and two smaller round Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds on either side of the center stone. The ring is platinum-bonded sterling silver metal and features a collection of smaller stones that run along with the metal band. All of Lafonn’s Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds are renowned for their exceptionally striking brilliance and fire. 

Emerald Lassiare Diamond Ring

Likewise, the stunning Signature Emerald Lassiare Diamond Ring is made of platinum-bonded sterling silver, featuring a brilliant 4.37-carat center stone and two smaller emerald-shaped accent stones. These rings are perfect for an engagement, anniversary, or any other special occasion – but what sets Lafonn’s rings apart from other beautiful diamond rings? 

What Makes Lafonn Jewelry Special?

Unlike other retailers, Lafonn designs and manufactures rings that feature signature Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds. Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds are exclusively available from Lafonn and produce a superior light return, color, and clarity optics to any other simulated diamond – rivaling that of high-priced earth-mined diamonds.

What are Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds?

Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds are also called diamond simulates. They are not synthetic or man-made diamonds. Where Lafonn uses colored stones, they are 'synthetic colored gemstones' like sapphire, emerald, ruby – etc. Common simulants include colorless sapphire, colorless zircon, synthetic cubic zirconia (zirconium oxide, CZ), and synthetic moissanite (silicon carbide).

Diamond imitations only mimic the look of natural diamonds but have different physical and chemical properties than that of earth-mined diamonds. They may be natural or made in a lab, but do not share the chemical composition or physical properties of natural or man-made diamonds. And, because simulants do not share those properties with diamonds, they are more easily distinguished by gemologists – but not to the naked eye.

Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds vs. Synthetic Diamonds: What is the Difference?

The jewelry industry uses special terms for manufactured and look-alike materials: synthetic (man-made, lab-grown, or lab-created) and imitation (simulants). Man-made diamonds are grown in a laboratory or factory. Their growth structure and atomic level defects allow them to be readily separated from natural diamonds by a well-equipped laboratory such as GIA. 

Because natural diamonds and man-made diamonds have some of the same physical and other properties, even a skilled jeweler or trained gemologist cannot distinguish them by sight alone. It takes specialized equipment and trained staff in a gemological laboratory for conclusive identification. On the low-quality end, a simulated diamond can look like cloudy glass, whereas high-quality diamond simulants are virtually indistinguishable by the naked eye from real diamonds. 

Thus, the result of a lab-grown diamond is a stone that is indistinguishable from an earth-mined diamond in almost every way. The GIA uses an extended scale when grading the 4-C’s on a synthetic diamond, as opposed to an earth-mined diamond. On the other hand, a diamond simulate is made from natural gemstones, like quartz or topaz, or a lab-grown gem formula, such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. Cubic zirconia and synthetic moissanite are the most important in the market.

Are Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds as Good as a Synthetic or Earth-mined Diamond?

Earth-mined diamonds take a very long time to form within the mantle of the earth's crust. In-keeping with the time it takes to create such a mineral under natural circumstances, earth-mined diamonds are held at the highest financial premium. Synthetic diamonds offer a slight discount in price for the same quality as earth-mined diamonds. 

Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds are inherently less expensive than natural or lab-made diamonds because they are often crafted from Cubic zirconia and synthetic moissanite. And, that is the very reason why Lafonn can offer a superior-quality product at a better price. And, to the naked eye, Lafonn’s signature Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds are optically indistinguishable from natural earth-mined diamonds. 

Sometimes it isn’t the price tag, but the care and personalization you put into choosing a ring, that makes it special and unique. Lassaire® Simulated Diamonds let you give your special someone the gift of elegance anytime you want – at a price you can always afford. Browse more Lafonn jewelry online, and speak with a jewelry associate about hand-engraving and customizing your ring.