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What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?
What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?
What is an Emerald Cut Diamond? The emerald cut diamond is a classy and timeless style of diamond cut that carries a vintage aesthetic. The sharp angles and elongated shape of an emerald are a distinctive choice for a distinctive individual. Learn everything you need to know about the emerald cut diamond and its characteristics.
What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?
What is a Cushion Cut Diamond? Everything You Need to Know
What is a Cushion Cut Diamond? The cushion cut diamond is a type of diamond cut that features exceptional fire with softer angles and large facets. Learn about what gives a cushion diamond its characteristic features, and what it means about the ideal cushion diamond carat.
diamond shapes
Complete Diamond Shape Guide: Types of Gemstone Cuts for Rings
A diamond shape is different from a diamond cut. The cut of a diamond is a rating, expressing how well light reflects off the diamond's many faces. The diamond shape, on the other hand, expresses the geometric outline of a diamond, as viewed from above.
design a ring
How to Design a Ring from Scratch: Step-by-step Guide to Ring Design
Learn everything you need to know about how to design a ring. Take a step-by-step guide through the considerations and inspiration process that helps you decide on the materials with which to create your ring. And, see the different options for your rings gemstone, stone cut, and setting. 
old hollywood glamour jewelry
Old Hollywood Glamour Jewelry: Sparkly Valentines Gift Ideas 2021
If you want jewelry that exudes elegance and class, look no further than to old Hollywood glamour. The Golden Age of Hollywood drips with luxurious and unique jewelry, adorning the necks, heads, ears, and wrists of films' classic royalty. Make Valentine's Day 2021 unforgettable with jewelry that sparkles with the Golden Age style of a Hollywood starlet.
diamond color scale
What is the Diamond Color Scale? How Color Affects a Diamonds GIA Grade
Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors that are graded on the diamond color scale. So, what is the diamond color scale and how does it affect the value of a diamond? Other than rare valuable colored diamonds, like pinks and blue diamonds, the color scale helps you assess how close a diamond's color is to be clear.
Where Do Gems Come From
Where Do Gems Come From and How Do Gems Form?
If you’re curious about the beautiful gems shining up from the display case, you might be asking yourself, “where do gems come from?” The gemstones that end up on your ring, neck, or earrings are natural crystalline mineral structures that formed over many years deep in the earth. And, it might surprise you to learn that gems and rocks aren't all that different from each other.
creative gifts
Top 6 Creative Gifts for the 2020 Holidays: Custom Jewelry and More
Creative gifts like personalized custom jewelry are the perfect gift for someone you love this holiday season. And, with the winter holidays just around the corner, you can make this season special for someone with a gift that shows how much you care. These 6 creative gifts and hand-crafted jewelry pieces can make 2020 a year remembered for something more than distance.
American Made Jewelry
American Made Jewelry: Why Supporting Your Local Jeweler is Better
Learn about the benefits of buying American made jewelry from your local jeweler, instead of from a mass online vendor, such as BlueNile. Find out the different ways in which your dollar goes to support the vendor and underlying economy with a local jeweler vs online jewelry vendor.
Why Diamonds Are Where They Are
Diamonds and the Pangea Connection: Why Diamonds Are Where They Are
The locations on Earth where specific types of resources are found tell scientists a great deal about the planet's history. And, the locations in which humans have found diamonds tells a very interesting story about the movement of landmasses over hundreds of millions of years.