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American Made Jewelry: Why Supporting Your Local Jeweler is Better
Learn about the benefits of buying American made jewelry from your local jeweler, instead of from a mass online vendor, such as BlueNile. Find out the different ways in which your dollar goes to support the vendor and underlying economy with a local jeweler vs online jewelry vendor.
Diamonds and the Pangea Connection: Why Diamonds Are Where They Are
The locations on Earth where specific types of resources are found tell scientists a great deal about the planet's history. And, the locations in which humans have found diamonds tells a very interesting story about the movement of landmasses over hundreds of millions of years.
Fathers Day Gift Ideas Guide 2020
A piece of hand-engraved jewelry is a gift that holds timeless value. Find the perfect gift for him, in this, 2020 fathers day gift ideas guide to hand-engraved men’s jewelry.
How to Buy Gold in 2020
The purchasing power of gold remains steady throughout history. This is why it pays, in the long run, to familiarize yourself with how to buy gold. Find out everything you need to know on how to buy gold in 2020.
Clean Jewelry
How to Clean Jewelry
Just like your clothing, you also have to clean jewelry – from time to time. With some standard household cleaning supplies, you can make old pieces sparkle like new, in no-time. 
Jewelry Insurance 101
Jewelry Insurance 101
Jewelry insurance provides coverage for high-value items, like rings, diamonds, and fine watches. Find out everything you need to know about insurance coverage for jewelry and valuables. Learn about getting an appraisal and the pitfalls to avoid in the process.