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About Impress Jewelry Creations

a language of love

Telling Your Story for a Lifetime and Beyond

Jewelry has been a treasured part of our culture for thousands of years. Why? Because it speaks a language of love. Because it offers beauty and enriches our lives. Because every single piece has a story to tell. While IJC and our team of expert jewelers haven’t been around for thousands of years, the beauty of what of we do each and every day for our customers is endless. Our capabilities are limitless. Each piece you acquire...timeless.

Whether it’s repairing a prized family heirloom, enhancing an old piece with a new stone, designing a new custom engagement ring or helping you to find just the right piece of fine jewelry for that special occasion, each piece you discover at IJC will continue to tell your story for a lifetime and beyond. They are the pieces that will be worn for generations. They are the moments that will be treasured forever.

At IJC, we not only offer the best in designer brands to meet your style and satisfy what your heart desires, we have an exceptional team of talent backed by years of industry expertise, a cutting-edge design studio, endless creative vision and, most importantly, passion.


A New Approach to the Jewelry Experience

Yes, we are passionate about jewelry and each and every last fine detail, but what we are even more passionate about is helping you to discover what it is you love and the piece that speaks to your heart.

You see, what we have successfully done for all of our beloved clients is connected the dots. That is why they not only treasure our outstanding jewelry selections and capabilities, they value our services. We connect your dots better than anyone else out there because we are experts at helping you to uncover what it is you want. Maybe you are in love with a designer necklace. Maybe you want to add your own imprint to a ring by one of our brand partners. Maybe you can’t even see the dots. Well, we can draw them for you! Backed by cutting-edge technology, rich experience and passion for what we do every single day allows us to help you envision and create that total picture for you, so you can ultimately see what it is you want to see and rest assured it’s of the finest quality.

Whether it’s a fully custom piece that you desire or a customizable piece from one of our valued brand partners, we can formulate a plan when we get to know you. We want to know what you like. We want to know what moves you. Being able to articulate your desires is key to our process. We also have the willingness to go those extra miles. With IJC, your desires are met no matter what. That is our new approach to jewelry and design. It’s all about you and your treasured story. That is IJC.